Foxfield Railway testing facilities

The Foxfield line is unique in that along its 5.5 km there are most of the infrastructure features which can be found on any part of the National Network.

Over the last few years the Foxfield Railway has provided test facilities for a range of clients from private equipment builders, to Network Rail and the DLR and for both RRV's, OTP and specialist signalling equipment. We are now offering these facilities to a wider market.

Some of the attributes of our line which will be of interest to both users and manufacturers of railway maintenance equipment, T&RS and train control systems are;

  • A central location between the M6 and M1

  • Easy access from the A50 just 8 miles East of Stoke

  • Good road / rail interfaces at both ends of the line

  • New welfare facilities at each end of the line

  • Full or partial, fully protected possessions

  • Test sites which are remote from casual observation

  • Long straight sections of track suitable for 40kph running

  • Canted track to 150mm for stability tests

  • Curves down to 100m radius

  • Short gradients to 1 in 17 ( 5.8%)

  • Long gradients to 1 in 20 ( 5%)

  • Embankments & cuttings

  • Road overbridge

  • Level crossings

  • Complex p&c work

  • Platforms

  • A full and comprehensive HAZID plan of the line is available

  • Experienced professional Railway & Safety personnel to facilitate the work

  • Sensible charges