Foxfield Wizard Academy

A truly wizarding day out!

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Wizard Academy at Foxfield

Join us for some wizarding fun for the school holidays on the 10th & 24th of August.

It’s time to sign up to our spellbinding school of sorcery as you take a wacky and wonderful whistle-stop tour of the Wizard Academy and learn to become a master of mystery and magic.

During this magical interactive experience, you’ll take lessons in the basics of broomsticks, practice your potion making, be instructed in incantations and learn to tattle and talk with a tawny owl.

Whats included?

  • A magical steam powered trip to Dilhorne Woods and back
  • Nearly 90 minutes of spellbinding entertainment
  • Meet the dinosaurs and have plenty of photo opportunities
  • Free entry into our on-site museum before or after your experience

The trip is suitable for families. The Buffet, shop and Museum will also be open on the day.

There are two Wizard Academies this Summer – Wednesday the 10th and Wednesday the 24th of August!

To book, just visit the link below and choose either the 12pm or 3pm train service for your onboard adventure.

Foxfield Wizard Academy
Dinosaur Adventure
lt was a wonderful experience for children and adults. Well done, l would recommend to everyone!
- Pamela Argument [Facebook]