Frequently Asked Questions

Are Dogs allowed

We love dogs! Dogs are allowed on our regular services – we just ask you always keep them on a lead.  For hygiene reasons, we can’t allow dogs on our Afternoon Cream Tea experience or North Pole Express experience.  

Are you running special events?

We’re always working to bring special events to Foxfield – guests who are signed up to our website newsletter hear it first and have exclusive early access to tickets.  Otherwise, keep an eye on our social media and website for details for events with visitors like Santa, War Wheels, classic cars and vintage vehicle rallies, meet and greets, tours, galas and more.  

Can I change my ticket? 

To keep things fair to everyone ticket sales are final and non-transferable.  

Do you cater for gluten free and dairy free?

Yes we have some options available from the buffet – please ask at the counter.

Can I step on the engine footplate?

Yes, on regular running days, if the driver deems it safe and practical around their other duties and timetable. Please ask the footplate crew, we try to be friendly wherever possible, but it may be that the driver or fireman have duties that preclude visitors stepping on in some instances. Steam engine cabs are often hot and dirty and access requires climbing and descending the steps carefully.   You can visit the cab of “Henry Cort” in the museum from the adjacent viewing platform at any time the railway is open.

How do Afternoon Cream Tea experiences work?

People have been raving about the delicious contents of the Afternoon Cream Teas!  Simply choose a date from the events calendar when we are running an Afternoon Cream Tea and add during checkout as a voucher at the appropriate value (this is an additional purchase to your tickets/compartment).  For hygiene reasons we cannot accept dogs on this particular experience.

How many people can you fit in a compartment? 

If this is our Mark 1 coach (these are the larger, maroon coloured coaches) then about 6 with a bit of extra room, depending on who’s in your party – such as 8 children.  For North Pole Express experiences, tickets are available as tables or compartments – a table can fit up to 4, and a compartment up to 8.

Do you host parties, weddings or other celebrations?

Why yes we do! We’d be thrilled if you celebrated your special event with us.  Whether that’s using the station buffet, bar, green fields or the trains themselves we aim to please.  We can coordinate with you or your event planner to make something really memorable 🙂 

Can I volunteer?

Yes please!  Whether that’s on an engine, coach, platform, workshop, in the gardens, office or from home, we need you!

We need 10 volunteers for any one activity, and we know you may have different skills and availability from week to week, but we certainly have plenty of choices where you can make a difference, even if you live far away and can’t travel!  Sign up on our website https://foxfieldrailway.co.uk/membership-volunteering/ or email: memberships@foxfieldrailway.co.uk For insurance purposes you need to be a member (£20 a year for 18+, £8 a year for 14-17 year olds, a family membership for £35.  Adults and seniors can opt for a discounted five year membership of £90 and £70 respectively, families for £160, or a single lifetime membership for £500).

I have feedback or ideas I want to share 

We’re always keen to hear how we’re doing – please message us directly on social media, or email FLRSenquiries@foxfieldrailway.co.uk We want to make sure we’re doing our best.  We’re all volunteers so we may need more time to get back to you, but we will.

Do you have disabled access?

The station building and car park are step-free.  The historic coaches are accessible with a ramp, please let us know during your booking if you have specific needs and we’ll do our best to accommodate you.  

Are there toilets on the train?

Yes, we do have toilets on the Mark 1 Coaches used on most running days.  If the Victorian “Knotty” wooden coaches are running, it may be wise to spend a penny in the station before your trip as these do not have toilets. 

Can I donate an item to the museum?

Yes, though please contact the curator to donate an item so we can complete the necessary paperwork to accept your donation – please avoid dropping off items without prior notification.  If you have or someone you know has a story to tell about the railway, please also contact the curator directly: anthony.dawson@foxfieldrailway.co.uk



Memberships & Volunteering



lt was a wonderful experience for children and adults. Well done, l would recommend to everyone!

- Pamela Argument [Facebook]