Partners in Preservation

Who’s LMM?

Lawrie Rose runs the UK’s biggest heritage YouTube channel ‘Lawrie’s Mechanical Marvels’, aka ‘LMM’.  We’ve partnered to bring our love for preservation and education to the forefront since March 2023.

Are you running special events?

Yes.  Stay subscribed to LMM on YouTube to be the first to know – as well as signing up to our newsletter.  LMM is at Foxfield throughout the year for special events and filming.

So what’s happening?

Lawrie has made some exclusive announcements, as well as running giveaways (such as 2 tickets to our Knotty100 event we held in July. You’ll see that Foxfield is sponsoring LMM, including to visit other heritage organisations and railways, as well as bringing the LMM team to Foxfield to showcase our fleet and facilities.  They are also volunteers, and you can join too by signing up here https://foxfieldrailway.co.uk/membership-volunteering/ or email: memberships@foxfieldrailway.co.uk For insurance purposes you need to be a member (£20 a year for 18+, £8 a year for 14-17 year olds, a family membership for £35.  Adults and seniors can opt for a discounted five year membership of £90 and £70 respectively, families for £160, or a single lifetime membership for £500).

Lawrie says

LMM is delighted to be working in an official capacity with the Foxfield Railway. We’re passionate about showcasing our wonderful heritage to a wider worldwide audience and encouraging people to get involved with Heritage via YouTube, and feel extremely honoured that Foxfield want to support us in that Journey. It’s really fantastic to be recognised for what we’re doing, and I’m really excited for the opportunities that presents for the channel!

“A fantastic experience day… we’ll be back!”

- Customer email, August 2023