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Foxfield Museum, Staffordshire

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All the steam locomotives at Foxfield worked in industry and many have North Staffordshire connections. The oldest is Bellerophon which was built in 1874, and the newest, Wimblebury, is from 1956. Amongst our Diesel locomotives is D-Day Veteran WD820.

The Foxfield Railway Museum is home to some very special locomotives and artefacts.

They include No. 2 the last surviving steam locomotive from the North Staffordshire Railway built in 1923. And also Rom River, the oldest purpose built standard-gauge diesel from 1929.

See the beautifully restored Victorian ‘Knotty Coaches.’

Find out why a chair in a signalbox was dangerous and how the railways began over 200 years ago.

Admission to the Museum is free and is open on every open Sunday.

The Foxfield Railway Museum is currently undergoing a major regeneration with new displays and changes being made almost weekly. Come along to see how our Museum Team are progressing.

Can you help? Have a donation or story?

We need volunteers to run Museum and Colliery tours, run the Paint Store Cafe, decorate, maintain and generally help out – please contact the curator directly: anthony.dawson@foxfieldrailway.co.uk

Please contact the curator to donate an item so we can complete the necessary paperwork to accept your donation – please avoid dropping off items without prior notification.  If you have or someone you know has a story to tell about the railway, please also contact the curator directly: anthony.dawson@foxfieldrailway.co.uk


lt was a wonderful experience for children and adults. Well done, l would recommend to everyone!

- Pamela Argument [Facebook]